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We are a Ukrainian-based agency that casts distinctive talents to do modeling, singing, and dancing and become homegrown artists. Starvuu collaborates with an international media company which shows programs for fashion & modeling, music and dance entertainment, cooking, sports, travel and leisure, and more.

Starvuu is looking for talented individuals! If you are a vlogger, model, singer, dancer, actor, chef, magician, gamer, or do have any other talents — show the world what you’ve got and become a STAR!



Meet our Talents

Our talents are well-trained and multi-talented with a vast exposure in the arts, music, beauty, and other more talents!

International Affiliation

Vuuzle.TV and Vuuzle Media Corp are the two leading international media partners we have on board that cater our homegrown talents here in Starvuu.


Our talent scouts are waiting for you to showcase what you’ve got! Be one of the few to star and get a spot on Vuuzle.TV.

Video Content Monetization

Starvuu is looking for content providers across all niche to publish their videos on Vuuzle.TV OTT platform.

Do you want to be a STARvuu Artist?

Share a spotlight with Starvuu Entertainment.
Take a chance and be one of our artists to work with the several shows of our media partners!

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Julia Pashko

Content Manager / Corporate Counsel/ Project Manager
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Anna Bychyk

Public Relations Specialist/Content Manager/Logistics Specialist
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Evheniy Konkolovych

Content Manager/
Financial Analyst
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x Ivanna Samotey

Public Relations Specialist/Content Manager/Content Writer
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Vuuzle.TV is a free streaming service in the US that offers video content such as hit television shows, news, entertainment scoops, and a wide variety of feature-length movies.

Watch Live TV online and on multiple supported devices such tablets, desktops, laptops, and smartphones. Vuuzle.TV app is available for both Android and iOS. Get it also on Roku.

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Imagically LLC.

Imagically caters expertise on the wide range of web development frameworks, UI/UX Expertise, mobile app development, web development, 2D and 3D animation, creative video production, augmented reality and trends in software applications in the market.

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Vuuzle Media Corp.

It’s a media and tech company that delivers extravagant entertainment software for the streaming and social media community. It builds high tech platforms as solutions to consumers’ entertainment needs.

The company specializes in streaming services for both movies and music demands. It focuses on the distribution of on-demand content through our cutting-edge applications such as Vuuzle.TV, Vumu, Clout9, Gamevuu.

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