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"It's not enough just to be born pretty, you have to improve yourself constantly."

- Starvuu Models

Meet our Models

Alexandra Dorozhnyak

I’m a 25-year old woman who studied law and international relations at the International Humanitarian University. I’m both sassy and sporty in one. I’ve been going into sports for my whole life because I work on improving my physical body and health. I enjoy roller skating, photo shooting, live streaming, and book-reading. As I follow modern tendencies and trends, I would like to try being a scout manager.

I am very much keen to details which include grammatically correct speech and presentable appearance. What’s good about me is that I don’t let stress takes over me. I’m resistant to it that’s why I manage to be more productive. I have a sense of responsibility for everything I do. I do it with accuracy, attentiveness, and having a good heart while maintaining to work well with others.

Anastacia Gurko

I’m Anastacia Gurko, 19 years old, and currently studying at the Faculty of Psychology. I’ve been in working as a professional model for more than 2 years now. For me, to be a model is a huge chance to visit different countries and meet interesting people who live from another side of the world. I’m a tall, brown-brunette, and slim young woman who is hard-working, positive, emotional, and creative person in nature.

Aside from it, I’m also a professional tennis player, taking yoga and stretching classes. I have a big dream and it is to be a professional actress or TV Host so that I will be able to visit classes of actors and actresses.

Anastasiya Rassihina

I am known as “Diamond” because that’s how precious I think I am. I never had a modeling career but I studied the art of styling and professional makeup. As a 30-year old woman, I am interested in psychology, astrology, cooking delicious food, and taking breathtaking photography while traveling from places to places.

I weigh 121 lbs. and stance 5’4 ft. tall, with brown eyes and brown hair. People describe me as a person who is kind-hearted, sincere, honest, decent, optimist and a big dreamer. The most important thing is to have a kind heart. A kind heart is one of the main titles in the world. The personality I look up to the most is Ms. Angelina Jolie because she possesses the quality of a woman I hope to be.

Anna Solovei

I am Anna Nightingale, 26 years of age. I studied Law and obtained the master degree in National University Zaporozhye. I’ve been in the modeling industry for 4 years now wherein I was able to work with Oleg&Eva and Fassion Angels. I like modeling so much because I can travel and meet interesting people, add up that I can often change my look while earning money. I already dealt with brands of clothing and photoshoots for magazine and yacht clubs.

Aside from modeling, I really enjoy doing activities like running, swimming, fitness, fly-yoga, and dancing. I also engage myself with psychology, dietetics, astrology, esoteric, painting, and traveling. My interests also include filming, creating reality shows, writing blogs, and dealing with business projects. I’ve got many activities to engage myself with which I know honed me into who I am today.

Iryna Gerasymenko

At a very young age, I already pursue Law at the International Humanitarian University. I love studying jurisprudence or the theory/philosophy of law. In my 2 years of stay in the modeling world, I worked with Cinderella modeling agency here in Ukraine. I enjoy doing arts like drawing and photo shoots because I always want to improve myself in learning new skills.

I see myself as a responsible individual who persists in life because I set goals for myself and I see to it that I achieve them. My face is the best asset that I have since I feel that it mirrors my inner world. I take Ksenia Burda, a Ukrainian model, as the person who inspires me because she is classy and stylish. She’s a really good model for women since she has this unique personality that is more than just a pretty face.

Maria Parsenyuk

This 5’5 ft. tall woman is just new in the modeling industry. I studied copywriting at the Open University for Human development in Ukraine. I’m into music for it brings another spark in my vibe. The art of designing got into me, and it added more creativity to my imagination. Another thing, I love reading as it transports me to another dimension which I never thought exists. Dipping myself into swimming became my form of refreshment, as well as my exercise.

Others think that having a tattoo is a nasty thing, but for me, it’s art. I’ve got some tattoos that have significant meanings. In everything I do, I see to it that I pour out my heart and soul; no half-baked outcome.

Vera Brilliantova

I like to be a photo model, the podium doesn’t attract me. Modeling has always been my passion that’s why I indulge myself to covering photo shoots. I maintain my shape through sports, it makes me feel so good and fit. I studied Service and Design which I can still utilize in the modeling world.

This 22-year old lady weighs 105 pounds and stance 5’3 ft. tall. I’ve got attractive brown eyes, and silky black hair. Aside from modeling, I do enjoy shooting in movies. My good communication skills, fast-learning ability, and presentable appearance keep me always ready for things like that. My brain is the best asset that I have since I always think first before making an action that soon saves me from trouble because I know I made the right decision. Cindy Crawford, an American actress and model, inspires me to be the better version of myself.

Tetiana Syvokon

My real name is Tetiana Syvokon, 22 years of age, and a graduate of Journalism at National University. I have been working as a TV host for a year now. I’ve got an athletic body, long blond hair and a pair of dark green eyes. I’m into hitchhiking, sports like volleyball, dance, learning languages, and of course travelling with my pug.

My cheerful personality manifests outside me as I love to be just positive to everything I do. You’ll get to notice that I’m a friendly and warm once we get to meet in person. I’m also a responsible individual which makes me more careful about whatever decision I make. My inquisitive personality keeps me hungry for new information and knowledge about the world where we are in.


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